Crude Oil Crude Oil as the new weapon in the U.S and China trade war?


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As the U.S.-China trade war continues to escalate, Beijing and its energy giants appear to be bracing for a worst-case scenario where the spat would drag on for years and possibly result in Chinese foreign oil supply stifled.

The idea that the world’s top oil importer could see some of its overseas crude supply blocked has always been an unthinkable notion, but now some analysts and Chinese industry executives suggest that China should prepare for the very worst of the worst, such as its oil supply impacted by a lengthy trade dispute.



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The Anti China hawks are pushing for complete decoupling of economies. This is not good for consumers. Why? Everything will be more expensive but the Trump fan boys will say well build in America. Yeah, that's more expensive and the Republicans don't like raising the minimum wage so we won't be able to afford most things we take for granted.

This President is good on Oil but bad on Trade.