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    Question? Pipeliner - Welding School vs Starting as a Welder Helper?

    What would you advice someone wanting to break out in the pipeline welding world?
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    Days Off What do you like doing on your days off?

    All those sound like a good day.
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    Crude Oil Saudis are in the driver's seat on oil price: Former Shell Oil President
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    Jobs? Roustabout Pay

    21-24 starting pay in North Dakota.
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    Oilfield Frac Sand Report: The need to transport frac sand many miles is fading away The issue that it and other companies face is that the areas that traditionally had produced much of the frac sand is a long way away from many of the oil- and gas-producing...
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    Jobs? Heavy Haul Trucking? or Rig Moves JOBS?

    Looking for a job in rig moves or heavy haul trucking in the oilfield. have five years winch truck experience. Willing to move to any part in the U.S